Wednesday, June 30, 2010

David Brown Jr.'s , Girlfriend Could Have Saved Lives !

In a tragedy we often think about what could have prevented the event, as a professional planner for catastrophic events, we would sat around  table and pitch ideas , until we have enough to write a report, on how to prevent another occurrence.

The key in this case, first person to contact authorities about complainant, if news reports are correct that call was made, subject ,man in pool without clothes, Officers responded subject was not taken into custody.
Later call according to news report came from, live in Girlfriend of  suspect, officers interviewed complainant and observed suspect  talking about , children reading bible. Girlfriend had opportunity to speak with
Police and tell the truth as she knew it, about what was wrong with suspect. Call to 911 girlfriend said he acts like someone on PCP, it is my belief , she knew  the subject had taken PCP, medical examiner has confirmed his blood had some trace of PCP and weed and alcohol to what degree was not specified.

This woman told Police she did not want man taken to jail, because he had not hit her and no crime was committed, this woman also was the person who injected the Dallas Chief of Police name into her conversation with Lancaster Police, she used all her power ,to prevent this man from being transported to a hospital or jail. This unknown faceless woman used the system half way and refused the other half ,because of her feeling for the suspect, not the well being of her children ,herself  or suspect. Three men or dead, three families suffering, City split down middle, police groups angry , small group of agitators using this painful time to promote their agenda, there are no winners in this situation.

In my opinion she could have avoid this whole tragedy, by simply telling the truth about what he had digested into his system., police could , and in all likely hood , would have called EMS and transport to hospital.

I am trying to put this highly emotional issue in some context of understanding. Glenn White had always been disruptive, I know none of us agreed to a honor guard for the slain shooter, however some of us realize that it was not an honor guard, DPA put out the honor guard notice, no one on street knew the wiser. Glenn White said , DPD or DPA would never forget it, well Glenn White, I will never forget the shooting of Mr. David Horton or Ms. Etta or Santo Rodriguez , by DPD , innocent people killed by the people who are paid to protect them.

While I ,won't forget thee murders of Dallas Citizens  by Dallas police officers, I have moved on to make peace with my feeling , for the good of this City and its people. I expect you and your association to do the same for the good of this City.
If you cannot follow the command of the Chief of Police, who ever that might be, you should do your self and Dallas tax payers a favor  resign , find work in the City or County where you live and pay property tax .. The majority of DPD officers do not reside within the City of Dallas, not safe enough for their families. I have supported DPD in spite of,with the hope that we could all live together, these recent actions show we have not moved very far.

I pray for all involved, the Officer that was killed, Young father who was killed, Father ,who's son was killed.

The man who killed police officer, recieved the ultimate punishment , death by gunfire.

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