Monday, June 14, 2010

Please Remember, Every Woman , Is Not BEYONCE KNOWLES !

Hot weather is here, it has already caused women , to shed clothes in an attempt to  stay cool. What most woman fail to realize ,is every woman cannot wear the popular styles. Styles are the season designers plan for normal bodies ,to wear their clothes, like on the runway. Plus size styles are designed ,for Plus style woman and they are comfortable.  Plus size women should wear Plus size clothes , cover up body parts that are not meant to be exposed. Plus size breast  hanging  out of  blouses are not sexy, its nasty.
Please ladies have some respect for your self , children and  public.

Small woman you to,show  all your body parts, clothes are made for cover. Cleavage has been around for years,Movie Stars will sometimes show almost all of their breast, that is not correct,however they are entertainers and when the camera goes off , the clothes go back on.
Please stop showing your behind and breast,at Target,Walmart and Church.

Tight pants will cause vaginal infection,you need to wear skirts and dresses so air can circulate , for health reasons.

I know, when Beyonce made the song about Big butts,all woman related to the song,thinking the bigger your butt was the better you looked,simply not true.Beyonce, has enough money to have a big butt one day and small butt next day. It was a song ,not real life drama. I have seen more big butts, since that song than in my entire life. If you are in a public place,all I see are extremely large behinds,everywhere,with tight pants, as if someone poured them into the pants.

Ladies, I am simply trying to help save your life,tight pant are not healthy, wearing pants every day is not healthy, eating and not exercising because you want your butt big,and bigger, later in life you will develop leg pain,foot and joint pain.Your frame is built for so much weight,overloaded frames cause health problems.

Please for the sake of womanhood ,cover up your breast,be sexy but with class.Your butt does not need to be as big as a box car,please lose some weight,live longer, eat correctly.Live for your self and kids.Beyonce is rich,we are not.

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