Monday, June 28, 2010

What About Tragedy, Don't People Understand ? Once In A Lifetime Tragedy!

Sunday June 20,2010 was the first time in history a tragedy, effected so many lives in so many different ways. Never in the history of Dallas County have two Police Chief's had to answer the same death call,one as a boss ,one as a father,another as the father of shooter.
In times like these everyone is in shock and going through the motions,that are necessary to do the business of burring the dead and comforting the grieving family members.
It's easy for some to condemn the action of people trying to be in service to others, if Glenn White had been on Central looking at the dangerous  situation developing because of an accident, and potential of another,would he have ask for help with traffic? A good Leader acts in time of crisis and takes responsibility for his action regardless of outcome,Cato has done that. It seems the media would have us think ,Honor guard for Brown Jr, ,when we know it was a traffic detail, they return to schedule duty after traffic condition was under control.,and performed an Honor Escort for officer Shaw's service.
Officer Shaw's family is angry they have been led ,by Glenn White and media to believe that an honor guard was sent to Brown Jr. procession, and that's a lie.Shaw family in your grief please don't allow Dallas to use
you for their real purpose,grieve your loss and avoid racial politics of Dallas.
Chief Brown and other Dallas citizens were in that procession,their lives were also in danger,the Shaw family did not even know ,some of the officers went to help with traffic,the Devils inside DPD leaked all that information to the press. The group that did not want David Brown to become chief are the same ones who would like to use this very tragedy to destroy him.

DPD is in pain because of a fallen Officer,so is Chief Brown,his pain is deeper because he is a Police Officer
by profession the only people he knows, his pain is like no other, that only he can feel that his birth Son killed a member of his fraternity,that Chief Brown has worked and honored all his life.
How than can members of his own fraternity turn so cold on their own,how can they call for members job's so freely without hesitation, over an action, they know was not meant as an honor guard. If an Honor Guard had been planned for Brown Jr. procession it would not have been staged at another location,it would have been on site of detail, the private escort would not have been hired if that was a fact.
What concerns me is the people who are making the noise know the truth, this is a move to remove the top command of DPD. This is the big take over attempt. I have always supported DPD even when ,I have known there is a core group of trouble makers , always present along with a certain DMN reporter who loves giving minority officers hell. Chief Bolton was not making up what he said was going on in that Department, he just went about the process wrong and it cost him credibility.

I feel so sorry for the Shaw family, McMillan family, Brown family, Lancaster Police Department family, Dallas Police Department family  and Chief David Brown. I will say ,Chief Cato, Officer Bernal  and other members of DPD, that can wear three hats (officer,human,boss) and not lose sight of reality, stay strong for your Chief,department and your family, God will not let the good of many be destroyed by the evil of a few.Stay strong,know this community is with you and if a mistake was made,it was just that a mistake,during a trying time and it to will be forgiven.

I stand with you and will be present when needed to express my support any day,time or year.

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