Thursday, May 13, 2010

Is Everyone At DISD Crazy ?

How can the DISD board even think the Taxpayers, will not have a problem with a Tax hike. This is the same District that wants to allow a Charter school to train their Teachers and educate their students. This same group wants to take a business property that pays school tax and close it, run it away from the area,which could be used for a teaching lab for their District, since they sell special flowers.
This is the worst group of No Idea In The Brain,that I have ever observed.They have more special programs then in the history of the District, more Federal and State grants, yet they cannot retain or graduate 80 % of their students.
Something is wrong when you spend more money on a few students, than the whole.All DISD needs to do is implement as across the Board curriculum for all grads,teach and educate all students,Special schools should have this base curriculum and added courses for speciality education.
It does not take a rocket scientist to plan and educate Kid's others have done it for years.Stop playing politics and pleasing the Construction industry and do what your basic duty is, Educate Kids,cut administrative staff,all special programs that are not covered by Grant money, when grant ends cut program, do not add to General fund budget unless you can generate non tax revenue to support.Fixing DISD is very simple, but you will never get answers from people paid a six figure salary to say that because it would mean their job would end. At DISD it's job security and creating jobs for friends,friends of friends and etc.

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