Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dear Mr. Watkins,Dallas County District Attorney:

I write this letter ,as a mother to a Son,who has experience a rare opportunity,many men will not. You were reared in a middle class two parent home,extended family support and early community support.
Craig, the first time I met you and your mother, she was sitting in front of the Old K Mart building on Lancaster Rd,I had spot next to her and she was distributing your campaign literature, your first run for DA.I can't even remember the year, no one took your campaign very serious that time,your mother, however was serious and worked hard ,that day to make sure everyone attending the event,knew who Craig Watkins was ,and the fact that he would be, and should be Dallas County, next District Attorney.It took a while but her dream for her Son has come true.

No other Dallas County Official, has the responsibility and authority as you .You are the top Law enforcement officer in this County ,in a position to correct injustice, positively impact crime and establish a standard of fairness in Dallas County Justice system, ensuring every person, receive equal treatment under the law of the-State of Texas.

District Attorney in Detroit, has learned,law enforcement means making decisions that people of your race or party do not agree with.It also means that in your desire to be equal and fair and up hold the law, Friends and Political colleagues will be prosecuted. You are the DA, charged with making sure that everyone charged with a crime is given competent prosecution no hidden evidence or obstruction of justice. The day you won the election,my mind went back to that day years ago , when I met you and your mother,I was proud and all of a sudden ,felt safe the system would be fair,no more Linell Getter's.

In closing you cannot allow party,friendship,politics or any other reason cause,you to trade your Position for someone Else's.If it opens a can of worms ,so be it,when something happens, Man Up, people forgive mistakes all day,in fact we love forgiving,its God way. I'm not sure who your advisers are ,the one lesson my Father taught me , Pick Your Fox Hole Buddy carefully,that's the only person who has your back.Life lessons have taught me another thing,I have never witness a person in Court asking to take the condemned persons place,nor at a funeral trying to change places with the deceased,they fall on top of casket,never inside.
Everyone loves you when you're up,they don't remember you when your gone.
Stay strong young man,pray hard trust God.


Betty Culbreath

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