Monday, May 10, 2010

Very Good Businesses , Need Acknowledgement.

Many times we talk about business people when they do something wrong,but we don't say anything when they do something RIGHT.

Today I will, I purchased a Scott's Fertilizer spreader about two years ago,from Lows.
I was trying to use it last Thursday and discovered it was broke, where you lift the lip to open the dispenser. I took it to Lowe's without a receipt,and just as I was being helped,I became ill from heat(side effect from medicine) and had to leave for home. While I was cooling off,I looked the Scott's web site up and there was a section to ask questions about their product. I gave them the information on the spreader and what was wrong with it ,ask if it could be fixed with a new part,This morning ,I signed into my office computer and there it was, an order no. and information on the part and when it will be delivered,and thanking me for my faith in their product.That is great service,I will be a Scott's shopper for life.

Dallas House of Flowers, I had Church program and we were told to wear corsages,many people had their made with artificial flowers, my home training will not allow me to wear an artificial flower,so I went and ordered my corsage from Dallas House of Flowers,they told me very clear that they close at 12:00 noon on Saturday,as I walked out the door that Friday,again they said don't forget we close at 12 noon,I said don't worry ,I'll be here before than.Come Sat. morning my mind on everything I did not do the past week,then I decided on pedicure at last minute,I'm sitting very relaxed in chair, when cell phone ring 4PM,it had been on vibrate in chair, I could feel it,someone said Ms. Culbreath did you say you needed this flower for tomorrow,I said, oh my God I forgot,he said where are you,I said up the street in nail shop,they brought it to me,after waiting on me 4 hours,now that is Service, and their Flowers are the best. I got to know the quality of their floral designs when I was hospitalized in 2006,so many people showered me with Love,with Flowers and gifts,and Dallas House of Flowers being a FTD florist made and delivered them.If you need flowers or gifts for people you know or love ,try Dallas House of Flowers 214-339-1612 .

Buy Scott's products they are good and when they break they take care of them.

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