Sunday, April 06, 2008

Time Out !

With the death of Lynn Shaw and the remarks ,I read and heard in the communities , I had to take a mental rest. I can not come to grips with how mean Dallas can be. How hateful people are even in death. I know why people have funeral attendance by invitation only. I want my friends Sharon Boyd and Dwain Caraway to help my family when I go to Glory, making sure the people that I would not want at my service do not enter.
Now John Price is saying "he never believed Rufus Shaw was sick" since the Medical examiner said there was no sign of cancer in Mr. Shaw. So What he's still dead.Who the hell cares what John Price believes. When will the media get it!Stop asking this man about stuff that has nothing to do with Dallas County.
John Price does not run anything but the County and who could not do that after 26 years on the job .The Jail is still a mess and many of the other County departments. If the public or residents of District 3 listen to what John Price said Max Wells, Mary Poss, Ed Oakley , Jesse Jones ,Billy Ratliff and others would be in office. and Dwain Caraway would not have won by 62% of the vote in the heart of District 3.
Hell he couldn't even get elected as an At Large Delegate at the 23 Senatorial Convention .Poor Ken Molberg had to invent another list and put his name on it as a Delegate, that tells you the whole dam thing was rigged. Why was there another list? How many AT Large Delegates did the 23 have? How could there be an empty slot after the Convention end and fora Hillary person who did not attend the convention.Voters let John go back down to 411 Elm because he has no other place to go, he can't win a congressional seat and he need the County pay.He fights dirty in a campaign and ruin his opponents life. The only people who listen to John Price are White folks in North Dallas.
Now you see why I had to take a mental rest. So much madness and crazy talk from people who should know better. I have not even mention DISD and the City Hall.
Living in Dallas will drive you crazy if you don't remove yourself from it every now and then.I am not about to check myself out. I will wait on the LORD!

p.s. If I misspell a word correct.

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