Monday, April 07, 2008

Three Police Units Respond To Dog Fight ! They Did!

On March 15, 2008 my silly dog got into my neighbor from hell's yard and had a fight with her dog at 10:00AM in the morning. Neighbor from hell was not home. I called animal control to do health check on her dog to make sure he was OK. Animal control
could not go into her yard. I called SPCA to do health check they said they could not go into her yard, so I watched to see if her dog was OK and he seemed to be OK.
My dog got the worst of the fight and good for him ,he had been trained to stay out of her yard. It was his last chance he was removed from my home.
About 7:10PM I saw three police cars next door after about 35 minutes three Dallas Police Officers came to my door. The first bald head young man said, I need to see your dog, I said what dog, he said ma show me the dog, I said take over the house and do what you want(he never id himself by name or the other two officers)he then ask where the door was I showed him and the three of them went into the back yard.
They had already walked the backyard from her side of the fence with flashlights so they knew Dino (my dog) was not back there.The neighbor from hell told these people I was hiding the dog, how in the hell do you hide a dog that you have called 311 twice and SPCA once the same day. The mentality of Neighbor from hell is that I hide the dog, hell from what.The female Officer ask me if I had dog in garage? I said are you crazy? Who keeps a dog in a closed garage? During all that time they NEVER ask me my name, what happen or anything.I then saw another two man squad car arrive, keep in mind we are talking about a dog fight that took place at 10:AM that morning it is now about 8:00 in the evening on Saturday and 5 Police and 4 Police cars are on Bar Harbor investigating a dog fight. Then I saw Animal Control arrive he talk with them and then me, he smiled because he knew neighbor from hell has called them over 15 time about my dog. Each time it has been false. The female Officer came back into my home and ask for my dog registration I gave it to her and I ask if the neighbor had one she said she did not know.
The moral of this story: Tax dollars at waste with that many City employees on dog fight call, when did 911 start responding to dog fight? Animal control would not make health check on dog. Police never ask my side of story, if they had they would have found out early that dog was gone and animal control could have saved trip.Police called animal control based on information from Neighbor from hell
there was no legal reason to pick up my dog. I share this story because there is something wrong with a system that will keep people waiting for Police with serious crimes yet send four cars and five Officers to the scene of a 10 hour old dog fight with no injury or lost of life to a human or dog.
It tells me that an Elected Official made a call to the sub-station for that many Officers to respond and act the way they did.I have had many dealing with Dallas Police and never have I had a bad experience. I really feel for the Officers because they are being used and they are dam if they do and dam if they don't.This is what makes 14-1 bad the way it is used in my Council District 5.Marvin and Roy I am sorry you were doing a good thing it's the people that make it bad, but we have no way of knowing what they will do next.We need 10-4-1.

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