Monday, April 07, 2008

Dr. Eunice Standfield What a Great Woman !

Doctor Eunice Stanfield

I remember first meeting Dr. Stanfield she was soft spoken, very nice and private. I think she invented the word private. Dr. Eunice was the only Black woman eye specialist and surgeon in the City. The trust grew and we became friends. Dr. Eunice did not want a lot of information unless it was about medicine. No gossip or idle conversation on her agenda. Dr. Eunice took the County Employee Health Center to another level. Dr. Eunice started a testing program for the residents in South Dallas, she stopped the smoking in the County Jail with the support of Sheriff Bowles started non smoking program for all Dallas County employees.

Dr. Eunice passed away in Jackie Kennedy fashion Her Own Way. I am so happy to have known her and found her during her illness.
Dr. Eunice Stanfield had Class and was a very good Doctor. My prayers are with her family.

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