Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Goodness The Names Are Out !

I have deep feeling for people who have troubles. I pray for them every night. I know Mr. McGill and he has always been very nice. I also knew Lynn Flint Shaw and she was to me the Best, however I did not know the person I read about in the paper.I said that to explain that now that Kathy Nealy's name is in the Factual Resume of Allen McGill's plea papers.It is very clear that she was in my opinion a major player in the whole city hall corruption scandal.
I knew the affidavits listing the names of people who escaped indictment because they talked and told the FBI on others was sealed against objection of some defense Attorneys. I also knew Leo Chaney's name was on there, because his Attorney said he was a witness. Kathy Nealy on the other hand has been very quite and her Attorney said nothing. I wrote some time back that the Fed's are wrong to let the other so call witnesses go free when they participated in the crime also. The Fed's use that program so people will roll over and they do, but if one is guilty then all should be guilty.
Why should Kathy Nealy live at the W and drive her BMW when Allen McGill and James Fantroy so to prison? It's a shame and were business men forced to pay to do business in the Southern sector? Dr. King, Judy Lott, Elsie Higgins, Lucy Patterson, Juanita Craft, Jesse Dawson ,George Allen and others are rolling over in their graves at what has become of Black Dallas leadership!

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