Monday, May 19, 2008

Watch Out Dr. Hinojosa !

I hope that Dr. Michael Hinojosa will not end as other Superintendent's of the DISD.
He has successfully given the business community 1.3 billion dollars to work with . The largest bond project in America. The amount will help them survive the high gas prices and keep them working for the next five years. In the mean time the continued problems in the DISD ,will make them force him out. I will be willing to bet you right now, their is a group looking for a job for him that he will be happy with and can stay in Dallas. They tried to help Terrell Bolton with employment but he had to be a Chief! The people who run this City really need to change their method of operations ,they are becoming an easy read for me. All of a sudden the people who do not live in Dallas, kid's and grand kids in private school want to help the 80% minority school district with 1.3 billion dollars. If it did not effect lives it would be funny. How can people think the Taxpayers are just down right crazy. We look at CSI and other mystery movies, not to figure them out.

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