Monday, May 19, 2008

I Miss The Shaw's/Councilwoman Burton's Message !

I miss my friends Lynn and Rufus Shaw. I miss reading Rufus ,so I could disagree with him on the blog.I miss Lynn because of her french Ebonics and always cheerful voice and knowledge of what was going on in a different arena then I.When I think of them which is daily, Councilwoman Burton of Duncanville message explains it all.

Councilwoman Dorothy Burton of Duncanville wrote a powerful message last week in the DMN 5/16/08 on "Why elected leaders fall" it is so true and also applies to appointed leaders and volunteer leaders. The message is how people in the public go about their day's in pain, trouble,and suffering ,yet they try and keep up that public appearance. We must stop and realize that we need not be perfect but always honest. We need to have someone we confide in about our problems. We need to step down or take a leave if the trouble will effect our duties.
Councilwoman Burton is a christian woman who I worked with a Dallas County. She had issues and so did I, but we never lost sight of what our mission was and that was to serve the Citizen of Dallas County not ourselves. We got in trouble with our Bosses but we were always on the side of the Taxpayer. I am so proud of her and the job she is doing for her Community and Dallas County.
If you are in a Leadership position trust someone to talk with, stop living above your means. Drive a KIA Petis Norman and I drive one. Stop spending money trying to keep up with the Jones the Jones are broke too!

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