Sunday, April 06, 2008

DISD Trustees Impeachment / Carla Ranger Stay!

During my mental rest break I saw an item on the DISD agenda that was very close to my heart and tax bill. The District tried to hide it by simply saying on the official posting: Approval of Waiver To Board Policy(Local) Employment Requirements and Restrictions. I called a good friend and he got the official action sheet. There in plain English listed eleven names and their positions over a 1.5 million dollars going into Tax accounts of other school districts. The paper I have and what the Board approved was a permanent waiver not 12 months. Correct me if I am wrong. This says's the employee should have 12 month to comply,(but did not) however due to some hardships the Superintendent recommends granting a waiver. I spoke to the Board during the meeting and another guy spoke on the same issue. The Trustees looked us square in the face Dr. Hinojosa had that arrogant look when he knows he has the vote. Ron Price talked about how good Ms. Olson was and every person in the world knows it does not take greatness to lead Human Development:(hiring people) what makes this worst is this woman is charged with enforcing this very policy that she will not abide by, her Executive Director also is on this list. We have the top two people in Human Development living out of City and County. The Chief of Staff , school services, business services not one job related to teaching children nor are they critical. Ms. Olsen is an elected Official in Weatherford I guess that is her hardship, it does mean that the Dallas Board members have certainly met this woman in her official capacity. I lost a great deal of respect for the Superintendent because I really did believe that this man would be the one to lead DISD back into greatness. I supported Dr. H when many people did not, I went and spoke for him over
another man who had applied for the job and was serving as Interim and my neighbor. I believed that Dr. H being of Spanish decent was honest, hard working and was a product of the DISD and he had a commitment like no other. The fact that his family still lived in the Community made me feel all the better about him because Spanish people have a deep loyalty to their parents and family to do GOOD. When I met Dr. H he was so nice and down to earth, how could I be wrong about him. Does something happen to people after they become employed by DISD? Do the business men who run the school system really control the Board that much? I know John Scovell over at Hunt is the point man and always has been but normally he wants good for the District. Mr Posy is gone to Glory but he got his one sex schools he also wanted good for the District.
Who are the people responsible for the waste of money ? Can someone please tell that Board they are spending TAX money? How could they put a Bond package on the ballot and not tell the public what's in it? How can they think we are so ignorant that we
don't know they are holding that Audit until after the election ? If that Board is that silly Impeachment is the only answer. Carla Ranger is the only one who should stay. Mr.Lowe should be ashamed of himself he was taught better, Medrano comes from a family of good people I am not sure what got into him.I must take a rest from DISD
and the hurt and disappointment I feel about Dr. H. I felt about him as I do about Obama and he has let me down. If there is something that Dr. H could tell me about this I wish he would. VOTE NO ON BOND!

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