Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Am Mad As Hell and Won't Take It Anymore !

My Friend is DEAD and I am mad as hell and won't take it anymore. My Friend Lynn Flint-Shaw did not kill herself and leave her Son, my Friend Lynn did not kill herself because she loved God and Life. My Friend Lynn did not kill herself because she knew every thing was going to be OK! My Friend Lynn did not kill herself because she did not care that much about public Opinion. My Friend Lynn supported her family 25 years in this community and never got tired, she attended mass at 6AM in the morning, she worked and attended Civic affairs, meetings, worked on various campaigns
and Loved Rufus Shaw UN-conditionally.

My Friend Lynn was being tormented by a hand full of very sick ,evil people who have very little to live for. They have money, position and public standing , yet they have no happiness. I saw one of them at my precinct convention the other night she, did not have the look of a woman of money, her face looked unhappy, she was dressed shabby casual not smart or rich casual. She could not look at most of us in the room I sensed guilt. Another sits downtown and send private information to the press to embarrass Black people. Every confidential communication he receives in his official capacity he shares with the media. He also has other people attack Black leaders and hid his hand. The other can not get over the fact that he did not win the Mayor race, the other cannot get over not being Chair of DART.The other one just mad at the world and unhappy in a position to help people and does not know how.Such silly reason to drive people to want death over life.

Now , My Friend Lynn might have done something wrong if she was in a jam but haven't we all? Maybe not the same but something for the survival of our family. I will always love my Friend Lynn because she stood when other would not, Rufus spoke when others would not. Their blood in on the hand of a few evil,wicked people and may God deal with them in time.

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