Sunday, March 02, 2008

Dallas City Council No Place For Working People!

Many working Dallas City Council people have lost their business or families have suffered from the lack of money. Mr. Fantroy's Attorney said "how could he tell the citizen of Dallas he had run his business into the ground" not easy, but he should have found another way to pay bills not using the College fund. People run for City Council because they want to. Bill Blaydes did not run again because of financial reasons, Craig Holcomb the same. People need to stop trying to be what they can not. I did not run for Council until I was retired and had income coming in to pay my bills. Councilwoman Vonciel Hill is never at City Hall her Aide runs the office she goes into committee meeting and stay just long enough to be counted present and leave never to return. The Lady has a private law practice to run she can not be at both places at the same time so the Council and District 5 are hurting because of it.
You can tell the people who can afford to be in Office they are at City Hall when needed. In the mean time the District suffers because the Council person has to steal or go to work.

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