Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Am Mad As Hell and Won't Take It Anymore !

Tom Leppert is the Mayor of Dallas. Tom is a good man ,one who really wants this City to work for all people. Every Elected Official since I have worked in the political arena has had his or her people. All Elected people have their inner circle of people they trust to do the right thing for the People.

The same handful of mean spirited unhappy people keep trying to hurt Mayor Leppert using Black and Hispanics to do the dirty work. The group of Blacks need no help.

Willis Johnson has worked in this community I know for 30 odd years, he has always tried to match people to opportunities and help his community. A well know consultant was so angry when Mr. Johnson came on the political scene and got some work that normally went to her , she will not even stand in a room with Mr. Johnson. Fact that Ms.Shaw was responsible for bringing Mr. Johnson in went against Ms. Shaw. Shaw,Johnson and others supported Mayor Leppert put them all on a hit list.
The sad part about it is this Group had the run of the city hall for years before Laura Miller came into office and I can not see one minority they helped. I see they
helped themselves and the Developer at Victory.

How can money mean that much to hurt people. Slander them for no other reason then to laugh and get even.

Willis Johnson is not a dirty politician, Lynn Shaw was not a dirty politician if she was , she would be alive today because she would not have had any financial problems.
The group I am talking about have money because they sold their souls for money. They have plenty of money but no peace. I saw another one of them on TV the other night looking old, worn and ugly. I know it will take a little more time but I hope
no one else gives up on life before God brings down this evil group.

My friend Lynn is dead I will never hear her voice again , that french creole way she spoke , I will not hear Rufus answer the phone "Shaw".

Mayor Tom Leppert is a good man and Mayor. Willis Johnson is a good man. Lynn Flint Shaw was a good woman.

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