Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Friend Jim Schutz ! Give It A Rest

Jim , you are my friend ,for what? 30 years now. Please trust me there is nothing. Give it a rest. You have a fool on one end mad because he is not Mayor wanting to embarrass Mayor Leppert with any thing he can going back with an email from June 2007. You have the Hispanics thinking Leppert is being good to the Blacks. You have that other Black group mad at Leppert,Johnson,Shaw because of the DART vote. You have that other group mad at the consulting contract they did not get and Shaw got it for Johnson. You have that other guy that has always called and threaten the Mayor no matter who it was. This hand full of angry, evil little people are working to destroy every one they think is in their way of helping themselves more. Why are they so afraid of the changing of the Guard? By the way The Mayor meet with the Black Chamber and the Hispanic Chamber.

Tom Leppert is no crook, Willis Johnson has worked all his life and is no crook or politician. Lynn Flint Shaw was a hard working woman who supported her family and gave to her community. She was no crook on the take because she had no money and could not pay her bills. None of the above mention groups have that problem, they have plenty of money, fancy addresses, multiply real estate , fancy cars and etc. Lynn and Rufus lived in the house he purchased 30 years ago with an equity loan taken in 2005. Ms.Shaw could not have taken money from anyone ,or DART because she borrowed from a friend. What ever she did wrong was not against her community it was a desperate attempt to save her family. I just wish I could have helped but she kept it from me also.

So please my friend, my other friend is dead please let her rest in peace because my heart is heavy and I can not take what has happen and continue even after her death.
The story has ended anything else will only hurt her innocent Son and Rufus's other kid's.

Thanks Jim

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