Friday, March 07, 2008

Hillary Clinton Same Old Tricks as Bill!

The Hillary people are now busy trying to stop Obama with this trick" Who Is This Guy" do you really know him? I know about as much about Obama as I did when Bill Clinton took the stag for President. Jimmie Carter, Kerry, Kennedy and a host of others. The only person I knew was George Bush and I have been a friend to that family since 1963. I also knew President Johnson. I am so sick of Hillary dividing the Blacks and Brown and now there is a local war between them. She played to the Hispanic population and ignored the Blacks just because Obama is black and wrote us off. That is the same thing she will do if elected. I support Obama because he speaks to all the people. In Dallas Clinton did not try to reach black people. I do not want a retread of Bill. I want a new President and a different America.

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