Monday, February 18, 2008

DA's Career on the Line!

I support Lynn Flint Shaw and will help her in any way.I support Craig Watkins and what he has done in the DA's office on Justice for All. The DA is now putting his job on the line for a case that could have been handle in another way and recieved the same result. First and formost the charge is wrong, the letter was not a government document because it was never owned by the government if the news reports are correct. The only charge would be forgery of the DA's name and that is a felony. Now they could have filled the correct charge gone to Court pled to a lesser charge as they do all the time and the DA's office would not have taken a hit like this. There are hundred's of nonviolent first time misdemeanor people who do not have 500.00 bail money in jail who would love to have a memo of understanding and go free if it's good for one person it's good for all. I wish Ms. Shaw no harm but the DA must be the same across the board.

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