Monday, August 11, 2008

Hillary Clinton Is Still In Race !

I told everyone who would listen that Hillary Clinton was not out of the race when she closed her campaign. That story about keeping her Delegates so she could raise money was all a lie. Hillary and Bill Clinton have been busy behind the scene lobbing Delegates and counting numbers so she can take the nomination from Obama.
Hillary has talked Obama into asking for the Florida and Michigan delegates to be seated and counted. That would give Hillary the numbers she need and all they must do is change some Super Delegates votes and Hillary will have the numbers.I hope Obama 's people know this, they are smart but I hope they can deal with Crooked Clinton's. Hillary will be nominated from the floor her reason is "My people need to be a part of the process and heard" big lie . They can be heard saying Hillary delegate switching to Obama if they just want to have a voice in the process. Hillary Clinton for her own sake will tear up the Democratic Convention and John McCain will become the President. All you die heart Clinton backers should see just what kind of people they really are, FOR SELF ONLY. Obama should take them off campaign trail because they are only promoting themselves.

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