Tuesday, September 02, 2008

John McCain How Could You ?

Poor John McCain! The choice of Palin for his VP pick is so off course it’s scary. How could anyone think this selection would pull women voters? Women have come so far and for a man running for President to think all we wanted was a woman on the ballot is out right crazy. Any Republican voting for John McCain should know by now the man is out of his mind.
Look at the woman he picked: Mother of five children: when will this woman have time to be a mother? The Vice President is very different from having a job. A mother with a very young sick child needs his mother. This woman owes it to her family to be there. We read in the bible a mothers role and the Republicans or big on family but its OK to take this family and separate them for Politics? WWGD. Why would this woman want this? The woman does not even stand for the issues Hillary Clinton stood for. How can McCain be that dumb. I am sure having worked for political campaigns before, his people told him this was a bad deal, he simply did not listen and now look at what is happening and this is just two days into the convention. This woman has five children the tax payers do not support the kids, just the VP. The woman has never seen a City big as Dallas how could she even imagine granting DFW 34 million dollars? The woman knows nothing about Public Health, transportation, Human Service anything about just plain basic service. The woman only supports abstinence education for teenagers, yet she does not practice it in her own home. The woman made her daughter care for the baby while she and her husband took to the stage, that’s their baby not the daughters. Maybe the girl saw how much she had to care for her smaller siblings she wanted a child of her own or the mother was away from home so much being Governor she was neglected. What ever the case she is wrong for such an important role because she is a woman. Just any woman will not do, and certainly not at the expense of the most important thing we have in our lives, our children.

Would someone please tell Ms. McCain she is attending a poor people convention take a tip from Ms. Bush leave you diamonds and silk clothes at home. On stage together they
Look like Barbie and Cousin Laura from back home on the farm. What did the Party do to deserve McCain? What happens when John McCain answer the phone at 3 AM will he push the button releasing the bomb or roll over and go back to sleep saying What the Hell it can wait until the morning.
Oh Beautiful America you deserve more. God Please Help Us.

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