Monday, January 07, 2008

Seven Day's Into New Year !

Seven day's into New Year and people are already being negative about one thing or another. I hope we can give the New Year a chance. One City of Dallas employee is mad about the City Attorney advice to the Mayor, that's who he works for! Former City Attorney and now Federal Judge Sam Lindsay was the only one that I knew that told the Council the Law and not what they wanted to hear. Judge Lindsay's answers were the same for everyone based on law. One City employee said Mayor Tom Leppert is turning into Laura Miller when will people give Laura Miller a rest. Mayor Leppert is doing his job and just maybe Laura was doing her . Black people my sisters and brothers in Christ give it a rest. Pick yourself up and make a life for your family.
Please for health reasons let the " blame the man" game go. We need to fix up our areas and make our neighborhood safe. There is so much work that we can do and take back our area.

Make 2008 the year we TAKE BACK OUR COMMUNITIES. Happy New Year!

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