Tuesday, December 16, 2008

City Council Woman Hill Fired Again? So I'm told

I received an email today saying that Dallas City Council Member Vonciel Hill had been fired from her Pastoral duties at the Methodist Church in Italy, Texas. The email said she attempted to attend the meeting of the Board as they discussed her employment but was ask to leave. From what I was told an ugly situation developed.

I knew she had too much going on as a full time Minister and full time Law practice when she ran for City Council. The information from City Hall is her office is always empty; she pops in on Committee meeting just long enough to be counted present leaves and never return.

Ms. Hill ran for Council for revenge after being fired from the Municipal Court Judgeship, somehow she prefers to say retired from City of Dallas, however when she was not reappointed as Judge her employment ended.

I also could not understand why doing the last election Judge, Pastor Hill did not list her last job with Dallas County on her information. Judge, Pastor Hill worked for the Dallas County District Judges for a while until they also fired her. Truth and Honesty should come easy from a person of the Ministry.

City Council District 5 has suffered since Ms. Hill’s election. I am not going to run for Council in 2009, but I will continue to live in the District and every negative that affects the District effects me. I want a new Council Person who has time to dedicate their time and attention to the District and earn the $37,000.00 paid by tax money. It’s not personal with me it’s about business and the health of my neighborhood and community. I can see decline in my area just from lack of attention and the Councilwoman lives a half block from me so I know she sees it.
Ms. Hill is a nice lady just not up to all the task at hand. The only job she has that people are holding her accountable to, is the Church, the voters don't know and she will not fire herself from law practice. Just maybe not having to travel to Italy will give her more time for City Council. I'm not sure how happy a Minister is without a Church.

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