Friday, January 02, 2009

Jerry Jones Love : Is The Problem/w Cowboys!

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is the problem with his team. Jerry loves his team too much. Mr. Jones is in love with his Franchise. He loves it more then he loves himself. In Dallas with this new age group of Players that makes for a bad combination. Dallas Cowboys have had every type of Coach and still not wins. They have every Star player in the league. If money could fix the problem, Dallas would be on the way to Super Bowl.

Jerry Jones love for his organization is killing it. I almost loved my Son to death and not until I applied tough love did anything change. Jerry Jones need to try tough love with his Organization, first replace Calvin Hill and his wife who have no program to deal with the Adam Jones of the world. Calvin is an ex player living through the eyes of the players. Second: signing bonus for Player who might play good, players who are put off of other Teams with no place to go, why a signing bonus, he should hold their first paycheck until they prove their ability to work and live in a free world with rules.

Football players are employees and should be treated as such, Tony Romo’s statement after the game sounded like a high school boy. Tony must realize he is being paid to play ball it should be the most important thing to him on a day he did not earn his pay. If Jerry Jones would deduct $10,000 per interception per game I think Tony would feel different.

If the Cowboys are to having a winning Season Jerry Jones and Party must stop treating Players like family and Friends and treat them as paid employees. Coach Phillips has the correct attitude, he teaches them what to do, they are paid to execute and when they don’t it’s the players fault. Coach Phillips can not teach and play the game for them. Jason Garrett was another love of the Organization mistake Jerry Jones made, he loves Jason for the Team and in his heart believes this guy will become great someday and serve the Team well. In the mean time he’s looking for another job and not so great. Some reporters said the Team looked confused on the field, how can anyone person stops 11 men from being confused? The confusion is with in the Teams mentality, little racism, jealous and not connecting as a Team.

Jerry Jones I like and respect you as a Business man and community Leader. Please step away from the Players stop thinking family and start treating them as employees quick. They are not responding to the money it only makes them lazy, try deduction as reason to show up for work ready to work. Every morning Jerry goes to work and works why does he not demand that same work ethics from his employees. Try it Jerry it works. We will go to Super Bowl with a little tough love from the Owner/GM.

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