Saturday, January 24, 2009

Republican Official Not Helping Texas !

Texas Republican are not helping the Republican Party playing silly Politics. How can the Governor of Texas say, Texas does not need a bailout? How could Congressman Joe Barton say the pending bill is a “big social spending splurge”? I have always respected Joe Barton but now it seems he’s drinking from a little bottle in his breast pocket. Thousands in Texas being laid off, long lines at Texas Workforce centers and these fool are talking as if they do not live in Texas. The State has a surplus but who can spend the money on meat and bread. How much has the State budget been allocated for auto, homeowners and health insurance for working middle class? At least Senator Hutchinson said package worries her.
Professor Weinstein say’s the bill should include more money for transportation and other construction, those two fields limit the job opportunities. Where as Job training creates jobs. Medicaid goes to providers and they spend with other providers and that puts money into circulation and people are kept healthy. Spending is not limited to people going shopping. The bill includes money for Highways, Transit, guide ways and clean water all those include construction.
Education programs have construction built in as well as Pell grant money and special education.

How can this bill be called social splurge, the only near social program is Food stamps and that is a food bill not social, Medicaid is a health expense not Social so just what is Barton talking about in the Social Service category? Funding for the homeless.

Any elected Official from Texas who say’s Texas does not need or want the money is a misguided fool. All Texans pay Federal Tax and we have a right to enjoy the fruit of our Tax as any other State. If our Officials communicate to the President that Texas will not take the money the Official should face impeachment, because he or she is not speaking for me. No one has done a survey asking Texans if they want to refuse the Federal money and give it to another State. Until our will is known Governor Perry should shut the HELL up and Joe Barton put that little bottle up, if that is what has him talking silly.

President Bush ran a larger deficit then any President in modern time and now Republicans have a problem with cost to pull this Country out! What the Hell!

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