Friday, January 09, 2009

Councilwoman Hill The Flag Scarf A Bit Much!

I attended a brief meeting today and overheard some young political type's talking about the Flag scarf Councilwoman Hill wore to the City Council meeting yesterday.They were saying it was a insult to them that it seemed she used this occasion of Officer Smith's death to display her patriotism wearing the scarf.I saw the meeting on TV and listens to her speech. I know she was sincere about the lost of the Office as everyone else is. I notice the big flag scarf and it seemed it was a made for photo opportunity scarf.All people must live with their own decisions in life. If a Council member has done a good job or is doing a good job there is no need to stage TV.

There have been many murders in District 5 during the past two years that Councilwoman Hill has been in Office. One the young Solider shot in the front of his Parents house, she and I must pass there every time we leave home, not one time has she called for O tolerance on crime. Not one time has she called on the residents of District 5 to help stop the crime. I want to help but I have no Leader and as Obama says there is only one Councilwoman in Office at a time.

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