Saturday, January 24, 2009

FYI Betty Culbreath is Not a Candidate for Dallas City Council

Thank all of you for your good wishes. However I want to live the remainder of my life care free and happy. Elected officials work hard if they are doing the job correct. I do not want to work hard anymore. Service on the Dallas Housing Authority Board was like going to work every day, only difference I was not paid.

So friends feel good for me that I now know it's alright to just do nothing and have fun.

Also I was interested in service on another Board last year when my term expired on DHA,however Mayor Leppert called me and ask me to stay at DHA until he picked his appointees. I stayed 11 months so now I am available to serve on another Board. My service has nothing to do with anyone running for City Council this has been a year long process. So haters please stop trying to build a case for me not running for Dallas City Council, I do not want to run end of story.I can count from the audience.
I want an RV and some gas money and that's all.

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