Friday, January 02, 2009

Dallas Is About the Money! Ron Kirk Please Be Kind To Obama!

Ron Kirk please be kind to President Obama. President Obama might be the smartest man on earth but he has never lived or worked in Dallas, Texas. I worked Chicago during Harold Washington for Mayor campaign. I had never seen anything like it, the Union involvement the seriousness of it all. In Chicago it's a life or death situation and everyone knows it and no one plays around with the campaign or the election process.
In Dallas it's all about the money nothing is life or death. People don't matter, kids education ,old people, homeless, housing, streets ,floods none of that matters to Dallas Politicians it's all about the money.
I hope what I believed about President-Elect Obama being about the people remains true.
I had high hopes for Obama someone who was really about the people. One of the main reasons I supported Laura Miller was she was about the people and doing some good for the people. I think one of the reasons she got out of Politics was she learned the hard way that it was all about the money and nobody wanted anything to change because it would mess with the wealth and the money.

After all these years volunteering in public service ,I finally learned its all about the money. How could I have been such a fool? I had no idea people were being paid for the type of work and service I was giving. I knew my phone ring all times of night and day with people needing help with some problem or just information about how to navigate the system. Well I learned in November 2008 it's all about the money. I am not motivated by money nor am I greedy I don't fit in with this new group. Thank God I don't.

I also found out why the DMN editorial Board tries to make me sound so bad, why didn't someone tell me that when I met with them I was to be intimidated and not speak my mind. Somehow the DMN editorial board has forgotten I held professional jobs in Dallas for the last 40 years with an earned degree, managed people, money,grants . First Director of the Nacogodoches Housing Authority and grew Dallas County Housing from 27 vouchers to over 4000 without any HUD audit.DMN and WFAA archives hold the stories of my life and work from the Community Council of Greater Dallas to Parkland Memorial Hospital where I was the first Black Director of admission of a 750 bed hospital in North Texas that was in 1979. So I have nothing to hide I have worked all my life and held volunteer job during the same time. I feel good about my jobs and work, just sorry it took so long for me to know the truth
about the money.Maybe I would be living on Houston Street at Victory Place!

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