Friday, January 09, 2009

DMN/ Sometimes Sound Like the Palin Group !

January 8, 2009

DMN Editorial staff sounds like the Palin group on some days. Jan.9, 2009 the Palin group blamed drug users, Southern sector neglect, drug sellers, landlords, video-porn, and City Leaders for Senior Cpl. Norman Smiths death.

The Palin group first wrote that the death was a preventable tragedy and drug users share the blame in the Officers death. The second opinion was every other person is to blame.

The Palin group went far enough to say Mayor Pro Tem Elba Garcia took a donation from the property owner. Then the Palin group said that goes to the root of the problem Council members complain vigorously about the need to clean up their Southern Dallas district taking donations that the Palin Group says don’t add up. The Palin group said Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwain Caraway accepted $2,000 from a video-porn dealer and his wife in 2007. Last I checked there are not video-porn operations in the Southern sector or District 4. The one being proposed was in District 8 and the Council Atkins stopped that. Then they question Ms. Garcia board appointment.

First, the person responsible for the death of Officer Smith is the shooter, preventable yes, however I believe in the Bible and predestination on when my time will end. I also believe it will not end until God calls my number.

Officer Smith was an angle I remember when my son first traveled into South Dallas trying to but crack, he was just getting started into his addiction, and Officer Smith saw him in his Corvette, suit and tie in the wrong area and chased him out of there. Each time Officer Smith saw him he tried to talk with my son and explain why he did not need to be there but my son did not listen. So my love for Office Smith started before his death, he tried to save my child. I also knew and worked with his wife Regina a lovely human being.

Second, the residents are responsible to call 911 when they know illegal activity is on-going next to them. The residents allow illegal activity to occur and say nothing and when ask by police the decline to answer. The on site management is to blame for not evicting tenants who violate policy. Many owners do not know what is going on and depend on site manager to report activity. I have no history on Stolarski but I trust what the Palin group says about him. If some tenants are on Section 8 as the New stated the property is inspected before move in and again each year code violations would not be allowed.
There is no new housing being built in Southern Dallas for low income people, that is the main reason older type apartments remain viable and criminals take advantage of them.
Brian Potashnik came into town trying to correct the situation and was attack by a vicious group of greedy elected Officials and now the building has stopped. The old property owners know the people have no place to live so they continue to make money from the older properties. The same type of condition exists in East Dallas.

Third, Public Officials and residents are to blame for not making a statement about their dislike for the activity and taking a public stand against it. Council woman Hill with her American flag scarf draped around her neck on Wednesday making a speech from City Hall did little to let the people in District 5 know that she would not tolerate the criminal element any more. Photo ops are not what we need. A stand against dope and crime is what we need lead by the Council, Police Chief, Sherriff, Constables, FBI, DEA and all other law enforcement agencies. The public need to say we are not taking it any more and that silly cry of racism when you are stopped in the neighborhood will fall on deaf ears. I will support as Ross Perot said one time a door to door search to ride our community of dope and guns and any other criminal activity.

I do agree with the Sara Palin group City Hall, manager and Council need to give Chief Kunkle the authority” by any means necessary” to clean up this City . In the area of most need. If America can fight for the rights of people in Iraq then it can help Dallas fight for the rights of its citizens. Officer Smith was fighting each day in his own way to save a community for its people. The City Council should take up his fight and clean this City up and let ever one know Dallas has O tolerance on Crime.

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