Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dallas County Fine Collection ! What Next?

Dallas County Fine and Fee Collection what will they try next. Someone has a loose screw connection at Dallas County or everyone has been there to long for a new idea. The County first established a central collection office which is done in modern times. The County spent big money on that center and it was going pretty good, until some other County Elected Justice of the Peace wanted their cash flow back in each office. The ego and not being willing to try a new method to collect closed the central pay station. The County went to Warrant Round up. Stevie Wonder could have told them if a man can not pay when he’s out, how in the hell can he pay in Jail. The then went to their property Tax
Collection Lawyer who can’t collect property tax, without going to Court but the County thinks they can collect fines.
Now the County is going to hold up automobile registration until the people pay their fines and fees. Crazies’ thing I ever heard! How do you stop guaranteed money? Who in their right thinking would stop sure money for hopeful money? The fines and fees in Dallas County are too high. The County has turned tickets, Court fines and fees into tax revenue and because they can the fees go up and are just too HIGH. People just cannot pay them.
I have seen long lines in Precinct 1 JP Court Thomas Jones people trying to pay traffic fines, waiting as long as 45 minutes or more on any given day. You see what most people don’t know is the County Budget office does the staffing based on cases and collection so if the budget office does not authorize position you can not hire people. Unlike DISD where they hire people just because they need them. The Dallas County way is better but some times it needs changing based on traffic and time spent helping Clients one person might be easy to help where three more can take up to 30 minutes.

At any rate the County need to cut its losses and as the IRS does send notices and cut the fees and fines in half for people financial enough to pay.

Thanks Commissioner Dickey, Price and Judge Foster for lifting the band on condom distribution.

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