Friday, January 09, 2009

Southern Dallasr JP Offices ?

I had the opportunity to file civil papers it Justice Thomas Jones Court about three years ago and I was very pleased with the outcome. I also have visited the Court on other matters and the office was full of people and most were being helped as fact as possible.
The Court is very busy and the space in which the court is located is very small, people are all in the hallway. The Constable’s office across from the Court is large and seems to a lot of space not being used. I wonder why Commissioner John Price doesn’t fix the problem. Commissioner Price said in the DMN on 1-09-2009 the Court is under staffed,
Well the staffing pattern is approved by the Commissioners Court. Who is to blame? The action inside of the Court is under the jurisdiction of the Judge. In the past year I have ask for a change of venue on my civil matters because of what I felt was some political influence from outside sources. I have visited the JP # 5 office and felt I was treated fairly. I am not sure what the problem is in Judge Jones Court but, for the good of the people I hope every thing turns out ok. John Price took action against Judge Rose over complaints as serious as the charges against Judge Jones. I glade to see him let Judge Jones case run its course in the Court.

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