Saturday, April 14, 2007

Good Friend Hard Worker Laid To Rest

One of my very best friends was laid to rest April 12,2007 . She had so much class . All ways on her best. She dressed so nice in the very best. She gave good sound advice and was always ready to hear your problem or what ever you had on your mind. She started out in community service at a very early age so it just came natural for her. We had been friends a while and at a protest downtown one day they needed a person to play piano and she volunteered. I almost fell out she could PLAY. I ask why she had never said she could play? Her reply ! You didn't know?

My first day on the Plan Commission she said "don't worry about anything just watch me and follow my lead and you will be OK" and I was. She was my trainer and nobody knew otherwise.

We talked late into the night about community and world issues. Diane Ragsdale was her sister and a City Council member some time Diane did not want us to worry her.We talked to long on the phone. My friend and I would watch TV together on the phone. We were both sick together back in 2003. I just did not know how sick she was because she never let on. I went by to see her and she was still taking and full of joy and fight. She lost the battle but she fought a good fight.
I will so miss my friend Charlotte .

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