Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why ? Oh Why? Please Help Lord Help !

Miles Austin seems to be a nice young man.I saw his mother and father which means he's from a stable two parent family. Miles was unknown until T.O. was gone and he made some major plays and was thrust into the Media spotlight.
Woman like Kim Kardashass look for men like Miles Austin,he has never been in contact with this type of woman.Professional groupie who zoom in on men of means.Kim Kardashass knows more about worldly ways and using sex to lure a young country guy into a web that will cause heartbreak and major detraction's.
Miles is in for the time of his life.What price will he pay or lose behind this nasty trashy woman? How can bright intelligent men fall for these sluts? The sister who married the basketball player after six weeks, what kind of mind does he have,why would her mother allow this,she knows nothing about him either.How can it be love they don't know what to love or who they're loving.
Sad shame Miles should ask his Father and Reggie before he takes the plunge ,with that  big long ass air head KIM. These woman party all day and night football players can't do that.Miles is not from that type of environment.
This is my opinion the only one that matter on this blog.

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