Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Well Hell ! I Told Dave Newman Mary Ann Could Not Stop Housing At Cliff Manor

I know people think ,I think I know every thing .When you live 69 years and serve as Manager,Director or whatever ,you do know most things. I emailed Councilman Newman weeks ago when the news said DHA would put move of homeless into Cliff Manor on hold .I told him Mary Russ could not put moving people into Cliff Manor on hold.I told him Mary Ann should have told him and the Mayor the truth.
Mary Ann knew or should have known it was a violation of Federal Housing law to stop the move in.There was no reason to make the public believe that story. Cliff Manor is owned by the Federal Government,managed by DHA with pass Thur money for admit and maintenance.The group can meet until J.R comes back to South fork but people will move in.It's the law and DHA cannot receive HUD money and be in violation of Federal law.

Homelessness is not a define group that is excluded from standard housing by law. Ex Offenders are a special group.

If the City of Dallas attempts to stop the move HUD may stop every dollar being sent into this City,including all the money used to build  Downtown,Uptown and every other project.

From now on just ask Betty and you won't be disappointed.I know I'm not a Ivy league graduate and my grammar is not always correct, but I'll be dam .I know all the written rules and regulations and can stop games from being played on volunteer Elected Officials and neighborhood groups.

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