Saturday, July 10, 2010

Will Someone Please Tell Me ? What's Going On !

City of Dallas: I know we have rules and regulations but, when economic development encourages neighborhood development and walk-ability in certain areas we must know traffic will come with it.Some people will not walk to area store because of safety concerns,health reasons or just plain lazy.If parking is going to be a problem allow for temporary permit until necessary paper work is in place.I support the police for closing valet parking lots without permits, I also know how long it takes to get process finish at city hall.The city attorney,planning,police should have an emergency temporary parking permit for areas impacted by the opening of new venues in a growing area until such time paper work can be processed.Closing five lots on Henderson is causing more problems than lack of parking. Bruce Richardson Dallas needs as much sales tax from Plano it can get.I don't care if they come from Oklahoma or Louisiana since all our people go there to gamble.

LeBron James

Why are people so taken by LeBron James ? The young man is a good ball player but a fool. He continues to have babies out of wed lock with his high school girlfriend and he and his mother thinks  it's alright.LaBron went on National TV to announce his decision to play for the Heat, before he could name team he said "South Beach " anyone who's been been to Florida knows what that means..

Lindsey Lohan

Lindsy Lohan sad case of drug addicted young woman being killed by her mother,sister and Doctor.The list of drugs the Court  will allow her to take while in jail include dilaudid a pain medication know on the street as synthetic heroin.The drug is used to treat stage four cancer patients for extreme pain.Lohan has no known health problem that would require such strong pain medicine.The doctor who wrote the prescription should be investigated. This woman's money is killing her, as did Micheal Jackson's kill him. Micheal was trying to be safe with a doctor on staff but that didn't work .There is no right way to do wrong.

Hispanic Service Attendant

I shop with neighborhood business  because I want to thank them for staying and their product is just as good. My corner State inspection  site also has other services. tire,oil and filter change and when I need that I go there.My tire pressure light came on and I stopped there the Attendant came out I ask him to check my tire air pressure he informed me the machine was broke, told me to go down to Texaco I tried to ask could he see if something was wrong with tire he turned his back on me and waved his hands in the air as a flip off.
I got out of the car to remind him that I was a regular customer and had purchased gloves for him and others when the weather was so cold, he stood there laughing. I drove off feeling very disrespected and that my loyalty to them was one way.I drove to Firestone who also had remained in area, not only did I need tires but both my stickers were out and oil and filter needed change. The store I had been so faithful too had been so eager to not wast time on me because they get tired of people driving off the street asking for pressure check ,that they lost a customer and a $700.00 purchase that day.
I went back and told the owner about the situation and the fact that his hired help cost him a sale he said he had spoken with them after I left I hope he did.All the people work there are Hispanic owned Indian customer base mixed majority Black I'm not sure why Hispanic worker was so rude to Senior they normally treat people with respect.

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