Sunday, July 25, 2010

Please DHA and MHA Get A Grip!

DHA has gone and reinvented a wheel.Mary Ann moved the Director and VP of Housing Voucher choice program and reassign them to Public Housing,a month or so after her arrival wrong move, all  programs now having trouble are under that division.VP had worked for Plano housing and new community opposition and how to clam fears,Director had worked for Dallas County HUD housing and new properties and always checked the crime stats prior to moving any new program Clients into a neighborhood.

Mary Ann does not know what she is doing and all the new people she brought to Dallas from Houston don't know what they are doing,they don't even know where the areas are. Houston has no zoning or neighborhood groups.
Mary Ann moving people around in agency  to make Board think some great reorganization is going on is dangerous,now you see results of moving people who knew Voucher program at the time of bringing on large new program.
In the past when DHA had vouchers for Ex Offenders the first criteria for placement was, 1.crime stats of area 2.DART line3.Grocery stores4.laundry facilities.None of that was  done.

I'm not sure who made up that fact of Mary Ann having a history of cleaning up Housing Authorities her resume and work history did not reflect that. What she did with the Church service tells you she does not even know HUD basic rules.To put ex offenders in a high crime area is crazy and had been against DHA policy, you would need to know policy or read it.

The Board and Mayor should Man up and admit they made a mistake in hiring this woman and  retiree her before she runs DHA into the ground and that old reputation we worked so hard to change will return.

I hope the DMN will call for her head the same way they did for Ann Lott's. Everyone knows Mary Ann is in over her hear the longer she stays the worst it's going to be and no one is being served at this time with thousands of people on waiting list needn't affordable housing.Mary Ann kills every thing she touches.

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