Monday, May 28, 2007

Rep.Yvonne Davis-Democrat Dallas Kill Law School

I find it very hard to believe that State Rep. Yvonne Davis killed the UNT Law School planned for Downtown Dallas. The very fact that Senator West had found a way for the bill to pass and she killed the bill on a tech. is beyond reason .

The school would have given so many minority students an opportunity to attend law school and growth of our higher education community . From what I read in the news Ms. Davis said she was not satisfied with some wording in the eminent domain bill. The eminent domain passes any way and she cut the Law School. I live in her district and voted for her and contributed to her campaign, but she did not carry out my wish on that issue. She lost my support and respect because I think she killed the bill because she does not get along with Senator West. The UNT bill was bigger than Ms. Davis and Senator West it was about the need of thousand's of young people in this region. The lost of the Law School is the very reason that Black Leadership is at

the crossroads. When A double minority Democrat lawmaker from Dallas Texas kills a bill

that would benefit the masses we are in critical need of new Leadership. Not one person from the black news media has said anything about it. The DMN had the story in a little box.

People ask why I ran for Council, for things like this. We have small minded people who get elected telling all kinds of lies, then get in office and do the opposite. The eminent domain bill had built in protection for homeowners and a court process, even if it did not say just what Rep. Davis wanted why kill the Law school for 2 more years? Why did she not work on eminent domain for 2 more years? Shame on Yvonne Davis for what ever reason she killed the UNT Law School Bill.

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