Monday, May 07, 2007

DMN How About Complete Story ?

I was reading some remarks in the DMN about District 5 candidates and what we had to say. First let me say I faxed a copy of my signed Court Order to the news but they chose to say Betty Culbreath contends she has resolved her issue, they have document in hand that proves it. The News however wants the establishment candidate to win so bad they are miss leading the public. The News stopped short of endorsing her, but uses every trick in the book to help the Dallas establishment candidate running for District 5. They are now making you believe that Don Robinson cannot be seated if elected because of his 1979 offence and they say I "contend" even after they have the evidence.

In the article it quoted Ms. Hill as saying she would use her connection and her professional and personal friend to bring new jobs and development to the Southern sector. That statement in and of it self is a conflict and would cause an FBI investigation if in fact she did what she says. As an elected official to use personal connection to influence business is against the law, and this lady is an Attorney. We are also under City Manager form of Government and Council members are to leave those negotiations up to the manager. It is legal for Ms. Hill as a private citizen to use her connection to help District 5 . I wonder why she has not done that in the 20 years she has lived here. I wonder if the DMN really think that people in District 5 do not have enough intelligence to know that we never heard any thing from Ms. Hill until she was Not reappointed by the Dallas City Council to her Judgeship. I never saw her at the homeowners meeting. I have no problem with anyone running for public office but I do have a problem when the daily news paper continues to write about the District candidates and not tell the complete story.

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