Monday, May 28, 2007

District 5 Council Race

When I entered the Council race I had been out of the day to day running of a political campaign

for some time. I remembered when it was fun and candidates told the truth or as near to truth as possible. Candidates did not embellish a lie. My opponent sent our a race betting campaign piece and it is sad that in 2007 she is still talking about 14-1. She said I did not support 14-1the election was held and 14-1 was defeated. The Court finally approved 14-1 16 years ago but what does that have to do with crime in District 5? She also has on the piece that I am a Republican well this is a non partisan election so what does party matter,only to race haters. She also said I supported Laura Miller this again trying to push the hate button of the people in District 5, Laura Miller is a Democrat I also supported Ron Kirk but she failed to mention that and also she ,John Price,Kathy Nealy, Demetris Sampson big leader in the Democrat party supported Republican Max Wells Mayor so what is the difference.

What Ms. Hill failed to do is include what she has done to improve the community. What has Ms. Hill ever done other then work for the City of Dallas and bring home a pay check. She had 24 years to volunteer and do something but she did nothing. I hope the voters in district 5 will not be confused by the slick talk and will demand to see a record of work done on their behalf.
Vote smart.Vote for the person with a proven track record in the community.

VOTE Betty Culbreath City Council District 5 June 16,2007

Early voting starts June 4-12, 2007.

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