Tuesday, March 03, 2009

John Price and Defamation Go Togeather !

John Price has spent years defaming people. On his radio programs and in public. He has said things about people that could have been liable. Most people let it slide because of the Community and they just didn't want to get involved in a public fight with Commissioner Price. I believe the line of People would wrap around the Court house of people he has defamed or hurt in his capacity as County Commissioner.
He has spent all these years in Office and nothing has changed but the amount of money in his bank account and property he owns.The man has grown older and meaner yet
we keep electing him to office. The white community still believes he's the man downtown because we continue to elect him.His power is being given by US. We have created this monster and I wonder what and when the people will see it for what it is. It took me a very long time to see and feel it so I understand.
Congresswoman Johnson and County Judge Foster are just the latest in his line of people. He wants to depose them prior to filling his lawsuit because he really wants to know what they really know, he thinks that's the way to go.When he holler call the FBI on him, he knows that some people in the Black community believes he is employed by the FBI so the call goes unanswered. I wonder how could he possible do the things to people that other people have been sent to jail for and not ever face any kind of investigation unless he has connection to FBI or CIA.

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