Saturday, March 07, 2009

Something to laugh about

I saw this guy I know driving a older Mercedes Benz and it had stopped on the road and when I notice who it was, I pulled over to see if I could help. When we spoke I ask if it was anything I could do. He went on to say the car had been giving him trouble and I ask why not buy another car? His answer was, I am not financial right now. I then suggested he try a KIA because I had good result from mine and that another friend of ours had purchased on, he turned to me and said,Betty I wouldn't be caught dead driving a KIA, I only drive BENZ. Until that day I had no idea what a big fool he was. He would rather sit on the side of a Highway in a broken down Benz the ride down a highway in a KIA.

I stopped at the Texaco Service station on Hampton at HWY 67 there was a young good looking guy driving a wide body new Lexus we both went to pay at the same time he ask for $5.00 worth of gas on number one. I almost passed out.

Why do we put ourselves in these situations. We need to stop trying to show other people how much we are worth and be ourselves. Got real be who you are,drive what you can afford.

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