Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Happen To Our Values ?

What Happen To Our Values? I am sixty nine years old and have worked since age nine years. I enjoyed going to work during the summer and having money to but small stuff for myself and giving other money to my parents. I also worked in college and was first black elevator operator for Sears in Austin, Texas. My real student aide job which paid half my room and board of $42.00 per month .I kept $21.00 per month of what my father and sister sent and spent that on other needed items. My point I was taught the value of money and how to prioritize need vs. wants. Some recent events have taken place and I had to sit back and say aloud “God what has happen to my people” where has our training gone? I will illustrate what I’m having trouble with Dorothy and Willie were married had two boys, Dorothy and Willie divorced and both stayed very active in their boys lives. The boy lived with Willie he had custody and they would visit Dorothy regularly. Lorenzo the oldest son was a good baseball player and A student. Willie was a member of the Unbars Social club a group of local wealthy men and membership was by invitation only he also had a very good job and Lorenzo attended a private school with tuition about 12,000.00 per year. To maintain membership in Unbars it cost about $1200.00 per year not including extra activities. Dorothy has a very good job and maintains an active social life and member of various civic and social organizations. Could you tell me why Willie would apply for a one thousand dollar scholarship for Lorenzo? Could you explain how Dorothy who works for Blue Moon Beer Would allow Willie to apply to Blue Moon Beer for Lorenzo knowing she is on screening committee? Point being why we pay for everything we want and expect other to pay for what we need. How can you be in Society and belong to all the organizations requiringFunds. Yet not support your child’s financial needs. My Son received a full four year scholarship to college and I paid all other expenses, I did not apply for other funding to pay for his other need . I was a divorced mother with a job. People who live large but take resources from people who need them are guilty of poor judgment and violate the laws of God, Do not take from the Least of Thee. Now Dorothy and Willie want everyone to feel sorry for them because the cover has been pulled off for everyone to see. The worst part is they still don't get it! They see nothing wrong!

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