Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Body Scan or Die ? Which Do You Prefer ?

November 16, 2010 As a DFW airport board member I find it puzzling that so many people object to TSA screenings. First the full body scanner only shows the structural outline of the body, it does not picture your body parts as in a picture or show body organs in living color. The scan is much like taking a medical scan and people have no objection to medical personnel looking at those scans and public safety is not involved. There are many substances that can cause damage to an airplane that are not detectable by metal detection. Metal detection is just that “metal” detect. I know for a fact people tape drugs and other substances around their legs, waist or any other part of the body that are not detected by detector ,the scan will show any object not a part of the body structure. I know of cases where Pilots have carried money belts around their waist one containing as much $35,000.00 in cash. Why would a Pilot fly with that amount of undeclared money in a belt? The scan is the only way to detect an object on a person’s body, pat down will also allow Officers to feel any object. If a person has nothing to hide what is the problem? I would rather be alive than dead.

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