Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Election Day In Bermuda a Joy.

I spent Election Day in beautiful Bermuda. First time on the Island and it was simply beautiful. All the natural flowers, beautiful people doing all sorts of work. I did not realize that the Country was mostly Black and race and color does not seem to matter. Black’s White’s all over the place, working, smiling just living life other races present and peaceful. New governments Officers being installed were 85% people of color in the statements written about the outgoing Officers it was noted the former Prime Minister had been a race batting man people were tired of his using race as the base of all arguments much like some of our Official who have held office to long. The mane was voted out of office. The cab drivers were very polite clean and spoke English; my driver was the Mayor of St.George Parish very delightful man. Mayor by day taxi driver by night He was there to pick me up for my return trip at 6 AM the fourth day. We had so much fun and conversation was great all about policy what new ideas he had for New Year. I was so excited reading his name in daily paper recognized him as someone I knew. Unlike Dallas elected Officials over there don’t take themselves so serious and think election appoint them as Queens and Kings of the universe. The daily news was a joy to read there were real stories, human interest stories, and crime stats but it was not a liberal vs. conservative paper both sides were present but neither overshadowed the other. Paper respected its total readership and it was the only paper in town. My visit was such a joy that if I were a little younger and did not need transplant follow up at the best place in town, Dallas Transplant Institute I might move. I sure will visit as often as I can just for the political peace of mind.

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