Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What Happen / Changed In 50 Years? Why Are People So ,Out There?

I drove up to Yvonne Ewell Townview Magnet High School to meet some very special young people in an after school meeting.School was ending and a gentlemen was directing traffic.I stopped and ask for direction on parking there was a handicapped spot open directly in front of me,however there was a white car blocking half of entrance to parking space.The man working with a DISD ID badge said to me the taxpayer,volunteer and coming at 4PM to help students" you have to wait until she pulls off,she is waiting on her son she picks him up every day and park there,plus her mother works up here".I know it's something wrong when a grown man working parking lot ,thinks it's OK to block a parking space and then say she parks there every day and her mother works up here. None of that conversation was necessary if he had done his job and simple ask the woman to move up five or ten feet she was not blocking full entranceto space. This happen on Parent Teacher evening. Parents were coming to campus to speak with Teachers ,parking was in short supply. What happen to this older man ,that he made an excuse for not doing his job which is parking lot not story telling.

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