Monday, December 27, 2010

What Is A : Pastor, Preacher, Minister, Reverend ?

Once upon a time most Pastors were men who followed their families into ministry or studied theology or other related bible courses.There were also men who were Called to the ministry by God or circumstances in life that changed them. Back in the Day there were clubs on every corner,Pimps and Hustlers were common place after Richard Nixon left the White House ,hustling got real bad.In fact money was tight on the streets walking around and gambling money dried up. What happen next was amazing,night clubs started to close, churches in converted houses and storefronts popped up ever where seemly overnight. Now we have so many churches people are going from one to another to find the best: Trickster,Showman,Hustler,Rapper or best Cult.You can attend a church every Sunday pay titties ,regular at Wednesday night service,outreach ministry on Saturday and than get sick and miss church three weeks and not a soul from the church misses you.Not one person from the Church calls to inquire about your well being, What kind of church is that no one misses you, not even bookkeeper who logs your offering check. God is on the main line and we need to stay in touch with him,if you depend on your church Leader to keep you connected please dial up God on your own.If you need a place for your funeral reserve your space prior to becoming ill,some churches have different auditoriums for different members,important people get New building others get old building,non members even get new building if their names have been on radio,TV or Dallas morning news.Politics in church,Politicians using Leaders on non church for monetary gain.Oh what a day its going to be when God comes to claim the Righteous. My last comment ,how do you drive a Jaguar to rob a house.How do you crawl into a window to help stop two men from robbing a house,step on your Jag and climb.What happen to 911?Is it Just me,or is everyone going crazy.

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