Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rick Perry Has Lost His Mind! What About Us Rick?

Rick Perry has an TV Ad running,saying he cut tax for Small Business people,he did.Perry cut unemployment tax for small business and bankrupt the fund.He than refused the Obama unemployment money publicly,then went behind closed doors and took some of the money to fund the unemployment,that he broke because he did not collect enough money from business to fund it.

Texas Education is in the low ranking,Nationally.In Dallas we have 48 under performing schools for one reason or another.The Governor is refusing to accept 700 million dollars,that Texans have already sent to DC for Education, using that old Willie Horton scare tactic,scare the White folk, with Obama taking over Education
and that will help him get elected.What the hell happens to the students in the mean time.It might not matter to Perry ,but it does to me.Rick Perry and his kind have pushed me from the Republican party,party of my father.I did not allow Newt,with his mean spirit to run me off,but now I have a choice.Every thing the Democrats do I don't like,at least they have an idea.Republican have become the party of No taxes high deficit, yet they have no answer.Stop Terror, with what it cost money,Perry and party wants to make life better for people in Iraq then it is for a Texan in Groom ,Texas. We build hospital for Iraq people,but no Health care for a mother in Dallas ,working with child who needs test on heart, but told bring back 3,000.00.We send Billions to Mexico to fight drugs, they send their citizen over here for us to educate ,house and work.
Now ,so called conservative Perry ,wants to add to the Governors mansion ,for what? He has no small kids,Bush lived there with two kids.Why does Perry want to make it large,he is accustom to the very large house we are paying $5000.00 a month for.How conservative is that? Perry is using the public education in this State for political gain. If White Republicans fall for this game,for fear of President Obama you deserve what you get.Your ability to pay private school tuition might not be available next year ,you might need a public school,you should want the best.

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