Thursday, January 07, 2010

Did Craig James Pull The Greatest Publicity Stunt for Political Reasons ?

I just heard Craig James say he will run for State Senator when and If Kay Baily steps down. Did this man do all this to get his name out for an election? Could this man do such harm to another Human for publicity? Is this what our Country coming to?

I could not vote for James if he was the only name on the ballot,I'd write my own name.I am now believing this whole thing was another" the kid is in the balloon" ordeal.
How do you sell your Soul for an elected office? Why do people sell their Soul's for a position on a Governing body, at the end of the day what has been accomplished?

Governor Perry has an ad on TV with the biggest lie that has ever been told,the truth is under the State's own web site.Perry does not want his Tea Party to know , he requested $14 billion in Obama's stimulus money, but he did.How can you say something like that? When everyone in Austin knows the truth. I have followed all the Republicans who speak ill of President Obama's policies publicly, but spend the money in private.With the Internet you just can't tell those lies ,and people don't find the truth.It should be illegal.

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