Monday, January 04, 2010

I Am Betty Culbreath, Don't Blame My Son !

I realized all my life that being outspoken has severe consequences.I have opted to continue to do, in my opinion what is right and fair. When I was speaking on issues that benifit one group ,it always offended another group.Back in the day when an issue was over ,people went on to the next issue or fight ,win,lose or draw it was not personal or friendships lost.
Today if you speak the truth about a Black leader or Official or anyone in a Position
they think you are not to speak about them. I can speak or write on a blog anything I wish,as long as its not about them. How could I keep my integrity if I had off limit people? This is a blog it was meant to give everyday people an opportunity to express themselves, that is what I do. I blog about issues in my opinion that have a direct impact on the public interest.I do not blog about private business.
I am a lifetime resident of Dallas and everyone who knows me, knows that I do not bit my tongue or try to make a lemon an orange.It Is What It Is.

My Son suffered from an addiction and now has overcome ,and is doing very good.My Son was well educated prior to the addiction and worked with some of Dallas's finest.
During his off time ,I begin to blog and people begin to dislike me for the truths In my opinion,I was blogging.My Son has never shared my politic views,he does not read my blogs,he does not know what I blog, so I hope in your dislike for me,it does not transfer to my Son.I have never allowed by displeasure of anyone to effect my relationship with other Friends and Family, work or every day living.
I hope 2010 will bring clear thinking and understanding among people of all backgrounds.That is my Prayer Lord.

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