Monday, January 25, 2010

President Obama, Please Let It Go.Move On !

Insurance companies are the Mafia. The awful part of knowing,is so many people suffer.The old Mafia made people suffer,only if they had betrayed,or stolen from them, never just for greed.

President Clinton's first major defeat, came as a result of trying for Health Care.President Bush first big trouble ,was about Health care.President Obama is not shocked by his numbers going down,during Health care fight, that's the reason he took it first.The President is smart, he knew.The surprise is, how the Insurance Mafia, played the people of all types.those of us who support Health Care reform ,forgot how the Mafia works,bringing out the other mob members (tea party rallies),Perry's home squad and many others ,in various States ,to keep the appearance of regular people,not knowing they were paid operatives.

President Obama was trying his very best to help people ,who's lives are most impacted by sudden illness, lay off, small business,self employed and etc. The Conservatives are so blinded by false information,and believe Government only help
poor lazy people,majority minorities.If ever they would first READ and stop depending on Fox New for information, they would find,Health Care reform would help
hard working middle class people, self employed service people, who happen to about 70% White.
My wish is for President Obama to move on,let Health care die an honorable death,the people will soon realize health insurance is going up.
Look around, all hospitals are building new facilities,all medical related business are hiring people,no Health care services have major lay offs. The Health Care industry is alive and thriving.
Insurance companies are hiring,none have gone broke,AIG's insurance was not a part of their trouble company. Common sense should tell the so called Conservatives that the Insurance and Health Care industry are strong and viable,off the backs of sick people.You are so proud of Brown's victory,well hell, didn't you know he supported Health Care in his home State and it passed.Very easy to vote against other States having reform, when your State already has it.How conservative was that vote? What a fraud,and this is what Conservatives call leadership.You can lie all you want,just don't spend Their tax money. It Is,What It Is !

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